FLN Advocacy

The FLN is committed to the free library movement and engages with stakeholders from publishing and literary worlds, policymakers, think-tanks, governments and implementation agencies.

Publisher Engagement

Publishers and all who make books are inextricably linked to free libraries. The FLN Compact lays out a vision and roadmap for the partnership to be realised. FLN also brings library practitioners and bookmakers together in dialogue through a series of webinars.

1. Read the FLN Compact for Publishers, Writers & Illustrators. English (PDF). Hindi (PDF).

2. View conversations with publishers:

Engagement With Public Stakeholders

India needs a free library movement that's driven not just by librarians but government agencies, educational institutions, think tanks and general members of civic society. FLN is committed to demanding that free-libraries be included in public discussions and policies. We are also initiating and inviting all stakeholders into conversations which platform free libraries and the right to read.

1. Recommendations to Karnataka state government on Gram Panchayat Libraries & Information Centers.

2. Putting the Public Back in Public Libraries: Restructuring the Governance of Public Libraries in Maharashtra. A report launch and roundtable discussion.

3. Role of Free Libraries in A Crisis.

4. NAPM Samvad Series. Discussions on free libraries hosted by the National Alliance of People's Movements:

5. Education South Asia Seminar: First Generation Education. Opportunities & challenges in South Asia.