FLN is a collective of free, community, school, college, hospital, and prison run libraries.

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Joining FLN is free and involves a quick two step-process. First, read and agree to the solidarity manifesto below and then submit your application form.

The Solidarity Manifesto

As a member of Free Libraries Network (India & South Asia) I attest to working to build, operate and propagate free libraries that welcome all without prejudice of caste, class, religion, gender & sexual identity or disability. Libraries associated with me/this organisation strive to create free access to books & grow readers, who may or may not have the means to do so themselves. I pledge to support FLN and its members by sharing knowledge resources, networking avenues & solidarity in issues related to advocacy or policy-building for the free library movement.

As a member of FLN (India & South Asia) I promise not to indulge in any behaviour that puts other members or their libraries at risk or makes them uncomfortable in any manner. I will maintain civility & a spirit of fellowship in all my interactions on behalf of & within the Network.

By submitting the application form for Free Libraries Network (India & South Asia), I am now a member of this network.

Application Forms

For individual library workers/library owners, please click here.

Discussion Forum

On FLN's discussion forum, members catch up with the latest library news, share information about grants, fellowships and funding opportunities, talk about book purchase discounts, access library science courses and much much more.

The discussions are currently hosted on a Facebook group, but we hope to move to an independent setup very soon.

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Note: FLN's Facebook group is a closed group. Please answer the 3 questions that pop up at the time of requesting entry.

FLN Resources

A member contributed list of resources to help curate and run free community libraries and associated activities. This is a growing list, please check back often for updates.

FLN YouTube Channel

Resource Sheet: Selecting, Curating and Acquiring Books For a Library (PDF)

'Reading Stars India' Library Readiness Program (PDF)

FLN & TCLP Library Practices & Read-aloud Resource Sheet

FLN & TCLP लाइब्रेरी प्रथा और रीड-अलाउड संसाधन

रीड-अलाउड कैसे करें? कुछ आसान पर ज़रूरी सुझाव

FLN Member Directory

The network has over 65 institutional and a dozen individual members currently, with more joining each each week. A partial, but growing list of members is listed on this page.

Note: For privacy reasons, some members have not consented to have their information displayed on this website.